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4:52 PM, Friday September 23rd 2022

I'm a little puzzled here. As I noted in my last round of feedback, I noted that you had applied the line extensions correctly the first time around, but when attempting your first round of revisions, you only extended your boxes' edges, and did not include the minor axis or contact point line extensions. You appear to have done the exact same thing this time.

If you're not understanding something, then please ask questions - although given that you had done this part correctly the first time, it suggests that something else has to be hindering or confusing you.

I am going to need you to do the revisions again - a third time - but before that, I'd like to ask what you did differently between this set and the one before it to address the concerns I raised in my last round of feedback. If you can explain how you were thinking about it, we might be able to identify what is getting in the way of you completing the task as requested.

Next Steps:

Please submit another 35 cylinders in boxes, with all the line extensions included, but beforehand please answer the question I posed above.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
5:45 PM, Friday September 23rd 2022

Didn't you mean the axis line through the cylinder? I did one on each in black.

...Ok going back to the my first lesson to play a game of spot the difference I think I see what you meant. I forgot that center line on each color. I guess in re reading the lesson I must have skimmed that part and overlooked it.

Would it be alright if I applied the correction to the last set that I already drew? I understand if not but my brain does kind of hurt from drawing so many cylinders.

6:36 PM, Friday September 23rd 2022

Here's a paragraph from my feedback on your first set of revisions:

As to your revisions, unfortunately you only appear to have extended the boxes' own edges, and have not applied any of the lines for the ellipses. Each ellipse should have a defined minor axis line, as well as two contact point lines, as explained in these notes. You applied these line extensions correctly when going through this section of the challenge the first time, so I do not really see why you would have neglected to include them here.

I bolded the portion where I mentioned the missing contact point lines, along with the minor axis line. That said, these three lines (1 minor axis and 2 contact point lines) must be extended for each ellipse - not one minor axis for both ellipses.

As to your request, yes, you can just identify the correct line extensions on your latest set, as this is clearly turning out to be a momentary bit of confusion (and hopefully the outcome thus far is enough to encourage you to review my instructions more carefully going forward).

7:02 PM, Monday October 3rd 2022

Thanks a lot. Hope I did it correctly.

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