The Superimposed Lines: They are quite wobble. Here my suggestion. The first line you use a ruler to draw 4 sizes of line. The first is 2-3 inches long. The second is 5-6 inches long. The third is half page long. And the last is almost full page long.

And then you draw on the line of ruler. For example you draw the first size and then the next line with the same size, you dot the starting and end point. And then you use the ghosting method, ghost until you see that you feel your hand start and end at the correct position. And then you draw it. I think it will improve the curve and wobble line.

You can use this method in the ghosted lines.

The Ghosted Planes: It should not be a triangle. I mark it so you'll realize that it's not a square.


And you didn't draw all the planes with ellipses. You let some of the ghosted planes without ellipses.

Table of Ellipses: The ellipses should not be overlapped. The ghosting method can help. Ghost before draw and use your shoulder.

Funnel : The angle inside the funnel is not correct. Revise the video and text again.

The Plotted Perspective : The lines of boxes are quite rush to be drawn. Also the hatching lines are not well done.

The Rough Perspective : One page of them is better than the other. The width lines should be parallel to horizon and height lines perpendicular to horizon.

The Rotated boxes: Please watch the video and the text again. Work thoroughly. You could draw after the instructor bit by bit. It will improve your work and your understanding.

The same suggestion of the Organic perspective. They are quite far from the understanding of near and far objects related to the viewer.

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