Superimposed Lines: Looking really good

Ghosted Lines: You have no pages for ghosted lines, please attach.

Ghosted Planes: If you scanned your pages before drawing ellipses please attach.

Ellipses in Planes: Your ellipses look quite confident and smooth, they will be better if you keep practicing.

Tables of Ellipses: You did not draw through some of them, and it looks like you need more time to really feel your shoulder motion. But I like where you are going.

Funnels of Ellipses: Pay attention to how your ellipses get narrower in the middle and gets wider as you get away from the center, this information will be really helpful in further lessons.

Plotted perspective: You don't have the page. Please attach.

Rough perspective: Clean lines and accurate perspective

Rotated Boxes: You don't have it either.

Organic Perspective: Clean and confident lines

You have 5 missing pages, you need to attach them somehow.