250 Box Challenge

8:36 AM, Sunday September 27th 2020

250 boxes - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/lRheIw5.jpg

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I honestly can't tell If I did any good, the extension of the lines for example was left more to my intuition (aka If they looked good to me) for I don't really get the part of the " extend them away from the viewer".

So I hope I extended them in the proper way.

Also my phone camera quality is a bit bad, sorry about that.

Anyway thank you in advance for your time and critiques!

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2:07 PM, Thursday October 29th 2020

Hi Lalincechelanca,

I've checked you submission,

One major part of this challenge is that is very easy for you to check if you did any mistakes, you do this checking if you hit the convergence of each lines by extending those lines back, towards the implied vanishing point! Now, by seeing your work I know you understand the basics of perspective, one of them is that everything goes back into a vanishing point, which is back into space. So when it says "extend them away from the viewer" it means extend your box lines back to the vanishing point, to check if you are doing the convergence and perspective right for each box.

By seeing your progress thorugh the challenge I can see that you got better at hitting those convergence points, though one thing that I see is that you did your boxes smaller as you went on, usually it's the other way. However, I see that you are capable of doing big, confident boxes by seeing your first ones.

Now, I see that you are struggling a little with your back corner, try this the next time you warm up with some boxes!

Another thing that I noticed is that you didn't apply ln weight, remember to read carefully all what is in the website and watch all the videos. Line weight it's a very important tool we use in this course to communicate things to the viewer.

One last thing would be more of an advice, try to take more clear pictures of your work, and I'm not saying this for me, it's more for you. Remember that the ones reviewing are just normal students, so if you have a good presentation of your work, you will have a faster review.

I'm gonna mark this challenge as completed! Your next step is Lesson 2, keep it up.

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Lesson 2.

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12:43 PM, Monday November 2nd 2020

Hello Weijak

thanks for the much awaited critique! :)

Thanks for the clarification on the "extending away from the viewer". Unfortunately English is my second language so while I'm not terrible with it, I don't always get every explanation right, so thanks a ton for doing that! ( I really struggled to find explanations on reddit too)

About drawing smaller boxes near the ending of the challenge, it is a decision I took because not only I wanted to draw more boxes in one sitting but also because I couldn't really extend lines all that much with bigger ones.

I thank you for the link you provided, I'll certainly use its method while I warm up and see how it goes.

About line weight I don't usually apply it in fear of smudging the paper, but I'll try my best.

Also yeah, looking back at my photos they are really blurry, sorry about that!

I thank you again for the critique and for your time :)

2:57 PM, Monday November 2nd 2020

My pleasure! Don't worry about the language, it's not my main language either, you will get better at understanding over time and google translator helps a lot!

Also, about line wight and almost everything in thi course, don't be afraid of making mistakes, that's why you do this exercises, to learn from them!

Keep it up!

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