Superimposed Lines: It looks like you took extra time to put the tip of your pen at the start of the line each time, and you used your shoulder in general. Good job

Ghosted Lines: I see some hesitation in some of your lines, when you're drawing them don't think about it. Don't consciously "try" to draw a straight line, trust your shoulder and draw it

Ghosted Planes + Ellipses: Your lines are a bit better in this exercise, and I think your ellipses are excellent. You understood it very well

Tables of Ellipses: Drawing circles is very hard, but they'll also get better as you keep practicing. Second page looks better & more confident than the first one

Funnels: Remember that your ellipses should be narrower in the middle and wider as you reach the end, it'll make more sense in future lessons

Plotted Perspective: Good job

Rough Perspective: I think it's quite good for first try, you'll have quite time to practice those as you work on 250 box challenge

Rotated Boxes: Also quite good

Organic Perspective: Some of them are a bit off but I think you know it already, be sure to practice ghosted lines exercise as a warm up before you move on to 250 box challenge