Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

2:42 AM, Thursday December 22nd 2022

Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes - Album on Imgur

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Decided to take this course more seriously after an break, any critique is appreciated as I haven't really received any beforehand, also would be helpful if someone can tell me if I am able to move on to the next lessons. Thanks!

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4:46 PM, Thursday December 22nd 2022
edited at 4:49 PM, Dec 22nd 2022

Hello, my name is PizzaPlease. Congratulations on finishing the first lesson of DaB.


Your lines are showing progress. I can tell you're diligent about ghosting between a set starting and ending point. I would recommend focusing more on committing to the line - remember, it is confidence over accuracy. Many of your lines wobble a little bit and making faster, more deliberate strokes can help with this. Most of your lines don't overshoot the ending point, but remember the three phases of the Ghosting Method. It is better to have confident lines that overshoot or miss the end point before you have accurate lines.

In the Superimposed Lines exercise, some of your lines fray a little at both ends. Try to set your pen down on the same starting point each time.

There is quite a bit of the course-correcting wobbling I mentioned above in the Ghosted Lines exercise.

Your Planes are accurately divided. This is a clear sign you take the time to consider each line and are using the Ghosting Method. There is one in the upper right corner of the second page you forgot to bisect, but that isn't too important.


Onto your Tables of Ellipses, there are large gaps between your ellipses and the frame they are within. You are drawing through them 2-3 times, which is good, but remember part of ghosting ellipses is planning exactly where they should go. Ellipses should fit snugly against one another within the frame. Additionally, more time should be taken to go back in and fill in little ellipses in the gaps after you finish the table. This gives you a little more practice and forces you to pay attention the mistakes you made. I would encourage you to slow down and do the assigned two Tables of Ellipses a second time.

Your Ellipses in Planes are much better. Some are a little distorted or not symmetrical, but they fit better within the planes.

The ellipses in your Funnels are more symmetrical and mostly pay respect to the tilt of the minor axis. They are drawn snugly.


On your Rough Perspective pages, you could've added more boxes to the frames, especially the upper two on the first page. Taking your time with these exercises can be challenging, but is it integral to the learning process. You did a good job paying attention to aligning the edges of your boxes to the horizon, whether they needed to be parallel or perpendicular. There is plently of the aforementioned wavering in your lines. Remember, it is okay to overshoot or miss the endpoint of your line if it is drawn with confidence.

The Rotated Boxes challenge is very difficult, so the fact you completed it at all is something to be proud of. Your rotations are pretty good, but remember to keep the corners of the boxes snug. The gaps between the box corners get more significant the further out from the center you go, which is actually where you really need those corners to help you reference how the boxes are turning.

The Organic Perspective pages could've had more boxes in them. I like how densely the first two panels on the top page are filled, but the others have minimal or no overlapping boxes. Your convergence skills will get a good workout in the 250 box challenge, so I'm not going to worry about that here. Your lines look more scratchy in the Organic Perspective exercises, especially on the first page. If you are trying to add line weight to the boxes, you don't need to for this exercise. It can help later on to clarify overlapping boxes, but getting smooth, confident lines first is far more important.

Next Steps:

Complete two more Tables of Ellipses, focusing on keeping the ellipses snug and taking time to completely fill the frames.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
edited at 4:49 PM, Dec 22nd 2022
10:16 PM, Thursday December 22nd 2022

Hello PizzaPlease, thank you for taking the time to critique my work. I've done the revisions and did two more pages of the Tables of Ellipses exercise, keeping in mind on filling up the entire frames while trying to make the elipses snugly inside the frame. I find it harder to draw smaller ellipses when using my shoulder, but I do believe that comes with practice.

Here are my pages:


10:35 PM, Thursday December 22nd 2022

Much better this time and you can see the benefits. Keep at it and good luck moving ahead to the 250 Box Challenge.

Next Steps:

The 250 Box Challenge

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5:10 PM, Thursday December 22nd 2022

Hey there! I feel you with taking a break and trying to take it more serious. Took me two years to finish it! :D

So first of all: Congrats for getting here! I'm sure you invested a lot of time, either way you deserve a pat on your shoulder~

Super Imposed Lines

  • There's no fraying on both ends of your lines, which is good! So you are taking your time to start drawing your lines, that's great~

  • Your lines seem to arch a bit, but I am not good enough to tell if it's because you're maybe not using the shoulder pivot or it's just a natural thing for you which you need to counter by trying to arch consciously a bit against it.

However I feel like you lack confidence in your lines - they are still quite wobbly here and there in my opinion, I'd guess it's because of your drawing speed?

I'd advice you to take another round of super imposed lines and this time focus on trying out different speeds when drawing. The accuracy doesn't matter in this exercise, it's about confidence in your strokes. Once you feel like you found a speed which lets you draw comfortably, relatively straight lines, you could go for another round of a few ghosted lines - this time paying attention to both speed and your precision. Again, mostly your speed at which you draw the line. Take your time to ghost the lines first a few times.

Also the "rotated Boxes", which is a very difficult task and I think nevertheless you did well finishing it, you maybe should try it again. There's quite a gap between each box, which makes it even more difficult to find the right angle to draw your lines.

I'd advice you to try rotated boxes again. This time, trying to keep the boxes closer to each other.

Your ellipses feel more confident though! Still room to improve ofcourse, but I think you are on a good way, especially after practicing your line confidence a bit more.

Your plotted perspective looks very nice to me tho, I feel like you took your time which each line, that's great to see!

In Short:

  • You take your time with each exercise. That's very good! Even though there was surely a lot of struggle, you managed to finish every excercise, that's awesome!

  • Your plotted Perspective looks very good.

  • Your ellipses are often snuggly, I think you are on a good way with those.

  • Your planes are, besides some wobblyness, good! Goal is to draw straight(er) lines! Accuracy comes by more practice.

  • Rotated Boxes

    • Try to keep your boxes closer to each other. It'll help to keep the perspective and rotation correct!

Sorry if something is unclear. If there are any questions, feel free to ask! I hope my critique is acceptable, haven't done any in quite a while~

Thanks for reading!

Next Steps:

1x Super Imposed Lines

1x Ghosted Lines

1x Rotated Boxes

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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