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3:25 AM, Saturday March 12th 2022

Hello I’ll be handling the critique for your 250 Box Challenge.


-You are using the ghosting method to get smooth and confident lines while maintaining good accuracy, but the first thing that jumps at me is that you tend to repeat your lines, remember if you make a mistake leave it like that and do not try to correct it by drawing on top of it, as it only makes the mistake stand out more, make sure you are giving each mark as much attention and focus as it requires to avoid this issue. By getting rid of this habit you will start to develop the patience and discipline necessary to do your assignments to the best of your ability.

-When you tried to correct some of your mistakes by drawing on top of them, you unintentionally applied lineweight to the internal lines of the box, avoid this at all costs, as it breaks the cohesion of the form. Take a look at this diagram which shows how to correctly apply lineweight, you can also see it applied on a box here.

-Lastly, I can see that you did not apply hatching, it is not a necessary requirement, but it helps to clarify the orientation of our box in 3D space, the thing to keep in mind when applying it is that you should ghost each additional line so that you can draw it to the best of your ability, this way it will look more tidy and it won’t create a lot of visual clutter.

Box Construction

-You have used the line extension method correctly for all of your boxes, and most of your sets of lines converge which is correct. Just keep an eye out for lines converging in pairs as shown here, the more you practice the better you will get at this and eventually your lines will converge in sets rather than pairs, also I want to quickly redirect you to this diagram which shows the relationship between each pair of lines and the angles they form respective to their vanishing point. The inner pair of lines will always be quite similar, and the outer pair can vary a lot depending on the location of the vanishing point, the further away you put the vanishing point the outer pair will be almost parallel but not fully

-I want you to keep experimenting with the rates of foreshortening, it seems to me that you have stuck to boxes with dramatic rates of foreshortening, so try boxes with more shallow rates, with the vanishing points outside the page.

-Lastly, I want you to keep experimenting with the orientation and angles of your boxes, I did notice that you had a tendency to draw very similar boxes. If you have trouble coming up with new orientations, take a look at this image and use it as reference, but do not try to copy them.

Okay, I want to make sure that you can draw your boxes without repeating your lines, so I’ll leave you some additional work, good luck.

Next Steps:

Please do the following

-30 more boxes

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
1:48 PM, Wednesday March 23rd 2022
edited at 1:53 PM, Mar 23rd 2022

Hello friend first of all thank you for putting your time to give critique of my 250 boxes lesson and here is my 30 boxes lesson also i agree that i don't put shadows on ,my boxes and my line weight is not correct also it seems i kinda of stuck in one angle of the box when drawing 250 boxes


btw i am using red pen when drawing boxes here also i am sorry if am making a lot of ink glob on my paper,is there any advice to avoid this ???

so i hope i am making a remedy of my previous 250 boxes lesson


edited at 1:53 PM, Mar 23rd 2022
11:30 PM, Wednesday March 23rd 2022

Thanks, you are doing much better, try to keep applying line weight on future attempts.

if you are using ballpoint pens consistently wipe the ball point tip on a napkin or cloth to clean excessive ink buildup on the ball.

Anyways, I'll go ahead and mark this as complete.

Next Steps:

lesson 2

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6:01 AM, Sunday March 27th 2022

ok bro so are there any guides i can follow to give people critique for 250 boxes like u did to me ???

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10:45 AM, Friday April 8th 2022

Beckerito summed it up really well and to be honest, as a noob, I can't really add much to it.

-Of the few things I can recommend, I would advise you to use Felt-Tip pens (I use "uni pin Fine Liner 0.5" pens). You will NEED them in Lesson 2.

-I can also see that you have the basic grasp of visualizing boxes in 3D space and putting them on paper, which is the most important take away from this challange in my opinion. Accuracy comes with refinement and practice, which you will get enough of down the road.

-Also, you varied your boxes' orientation very little, which Beckerito also picked up on and suggested you draw 30 more boxes, in different orientations.

Once again, Beckerito's fantastic critique pointed out the most important points to improve on when it comes to Linework and Box Construction.

Next Steps:

Move on to Lesson 2.

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