Hey there funny. You aren't the first person to get mad at this challenge and you won't be the last, haha! All good. Let's get to it.

So your mindset definitely seems to have changed by the end of this challenge, as indicated by your lines and general approach. There is a lot less rushing at the end made apparent by things like your hatching and overall line quality. You did improve a lot in terms of understanding convergences and such, even if it doesn't feel like it. Your boxes on a string were nice and a good challenge and turned out relatively well. (The trick to these is that all the boxes share a horizon, so all their different vps (well, 2 out of 3) should lie on that shared horizon, but I won't belabor that right now unless you want to know more).

So like I said, you made a lot of growth. Your boxes feel more solid and you definitely have a better intuition now. There's a lot less skewing of the back lines and what you do have is more manageable. So regarding back lines, and overall converging lines, uncomfortable has made this infographic. The main take away of this is that we must change how we look at parallel lines in perspective. Often times we focus too much on individual lines and not enough on them as the ensemble they are. They are all related to one another via the vanishing point and when that moves, the angles between the lines change. This means whenever drawing a line you must take into account all the other parallel lines. You did a good job of this so I won't belabor the point, but if you have any questions about this let me know. Overall though you did a nice job. You followed instructions and made it through. Your mindset changed, which is an important thing we hope to see in our students.

So with this, your time in the box mines is complete and the challenge will be marked as such. Congratulations! In your warm ups don't neglect box practice even though the next few lessons are very organic - you don't want to be rusty come lesson 6.