Can I use thinner pens for the Texture exercises

2:39 PM, Sunday September 26th 2021

It seems like the reasons for using 0.5 exclusively don't apply to the texture exercises where thinner marks would be useful. Am I missing something or can I use my 0.1 fineliners for this?

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1:17 PM, Monday September 27th 2021

As for the textures exercise,I went all the way to using a THICK brush pen for the thick bar.There are however no restrictions for the size of pen.The only think that should be kept in mind is that you are drawing the shadow shapes and not actual forms.If you are able to achieve that with a 0.1 pen,GO AHEAD.

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7:37 PM, Monday September 27th 2021

All exercises in this course should be completed with a 0.5mm fineliner unless otherwise stated. In the texture exercise you may find it useful to use a thicker pen or a brush pen to fill in shadow shapes, but those shapes should still first be outlined with your 0.5mm pen.

You'll find that if you first outline your intended shadow shapes, then fill them in, that you'll be able to achieve greater dynamism and nuance to those textural marks (rather than trying to execute them in a single stroke using a thinner pen). Furthermore, continuing to use a 0.5mm pen will continue to help train your pressure control, which in turn will make thinner marks easier to achieve. Remember that everything we do in this course is an exercise - we choose our tools based on how they can adjust the way we learn, not on the basis of what they allow us to achieve right now (in terms of the end result of a given exercise).

4:38 PM, Tuesday September 28th 2021

Okay thanks. I will work on my pen control.

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