Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

10:56 PM, Monday March 21st 2022

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Any critique would be appreciated! Thank You!

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2:37 AM, Tuesday March 22nd 2022

Firstly good job on completing lesson

But there are a few critical aspects


I had no problem with your lines, they were drawn confidently and fairly accurately, you did a great job


your ellipses were drawn pretty messy because you drew over the circle adn ellipses more than 2-3 times and lack of confident, one other thing you should keep in mind is to draw withyour whole arm not with your wrist (why: draw with your wrist can limit the size of circle that you can draw but your elbow and shoulder dont limit your circle size, your line length as well). However, some of your circle and ellipses look very great and solid so keep on practice bro


your line on boxes are not as great as your line home work, i think its understandable because this is the first time you draw boxes in perspective now im gonna give you a tips that i always think about when drawing boxes in perspective

when you draw boxes in perspective avoid drawing lines parallel lines because those lines gonna convert to each other at some point ( **keep in mind: for 1 point perspective the horizontal and vertical lines should be parallel and for 2 point perspective only the vertical line will be parallel )

to enhance your line quality i think you should ghost the line more (the ghosting technique). because you cant imagine the line inside your head right now so ghosting can help you know where the line should go and how it would look when you draw it on the paper

not lets go to the conclusion of your work

_ the main propblem you should pay attention to is your line quality, dont draw over the line too much when drawing boxes and you should ghost the line more

good luck with your 250 boxes challenge (^o^)/

Next Steps:

dont forget to do the 250 boxes challenge ok?

NOW QUICK! go to lesson 2

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11:53 PM, Tuesday March 22nd 2022

Thank you very much for the thoughtful critique!

I'll make sure to focus more on using the ghosting method for now on.

Thanks again! ^.^

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