Hello S3BAS!

Overall, your submission looks pretty solid!


Your lines are overall pretty confident with smooth and continuous flow. There are some that wobble slightly as you draw towards the targeted point. To note, confidence should take precedence and be prioritized before accuracy. It’s ok that the lines aren’t fully accurate, as it is imperative to first develop the shoulder muscle memory to draw out smooth, confident strokes. So continue to ghost and execute every line with your shoulder. Essentially, a confident stroke that is slightly inaccurate is better than an accurate but wobbly line.


Ellipses are off to a good start with overall confident strokes. The ellipses don’t quite accurately fit into the allotted space, but that’s ok because you are clearly focused on developing and maintaining smooth and confident strokes, which is the priority at this time. There are a few ellipses that turn a little sharply and loses its roundedness in the funnels exercise, so be careful with that. Ellipses in the funnel are generally aligned to the minor axis, so nice job with that.


As you continue to go through your boxes, I notice your lines remain confident, which is awesome!

Some lines are repeated/corrected. No matter how tempting it is to correct an errant line, do not correct or repeat over it to correct it. You mentioned two approaches on how you are drawing the lines for the boxes — the better approach would be to plan using dots. The great thing about dots is you don’t have to commit to the very first dot(s) you place, whereas once you draw a line, you’re committed to that line. Basically, dots can be moved around as you see fit before you commit to a line. But once you draw the line, stick with what you have even if it’s wrong.

As for the steps after the Y shape, the 250 box challenge material expands on drawing boxes and how to plan your next lines after placing down the Y. So you’ll have plenty of practice with this. Nonetheless, let’s look at your box exercises!

Rough perspective

You’ve done a pretty nice job maintaining horizontal lines to be parallel to the horizon line, and vertical lines perpendicular to it.

Rotating boxes

First off, congratulations on getting through this exercise!

The boxes are generally rotating, so nice job. The boxes are also well neighbored to each other, and you are drawing through your boxes, which is great.

Organic perspective

Great job getting through this exercise, it’s another tough one! As the boxes get slightly smaller on the path, you’ve conveyed a sense that they move slightly away from the viewer. In terms of perspective, there are some sets of parallel lines that diverge away, making planes that are further away appear to get larger instead of slightly smaller. But no worries, you’ll have plenty of practice in the 250 Box Challenge!

With that said, you’re off to a nice start!