Is ghosting to the VP fine in the 250 Box Challenge

11:53 PM, Monday June 20th 2022

Is it fine to ghost all the way to the VP during the 250 Box Challenge to see where the line should go or is it better to only visualize it?

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3:20 AM, Tuesday June 21st 2022

Indeed it is fine to ghost all the way back - and I encourage you to do it. The only distinction I would make is that when you ghost back, do not attempt to picture the vanishing point itself - rather, focus on the other lines of the same set (both those that have been drawn, and those that have not yet been drawn). Focus on how they converge, and how the line you're about to draw ought to be oriented in order to converge with them. This reliance on things that are physically close to the box allows us to infer useful information based on what is present in our drawings, rather than trying to keep track of what could be hundreds off vanishing points in a complex scene, when tackling actual illustrations.

9:00 PM, Tuesday June 21st 2022

Ah ok, thank you so much for the reply

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4:39 AM, Saturday June 25th 2022

Ghosting is fine as long as you don't actually draw the line. Also sometimes the VP won't be on the page so it won't help so ghosting in the 'direction' is better. I think this will help in eventually visualizing it. Uncomfortable talks about this in the 250 Box Challenge Critique video (Syllastew).

Good luck :)

1:43 AM, Sunday June 26th 2022

Thank you too for the reply

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