Drawing Prompt: The Cursed Circus

6:15 AM, Saturday September 30th 2023

Performance - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/IgWaSrI

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when in doubt, apply blending mode

lays down


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6:21 AM, Saturday September 30th 2023

beautifully done

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12:50 PM, Saturday September 30th 2023

^ agreed. I love what you did with the atmosphere. The way you positioned the various limbs was pretty smart too. The only thing I would add is maybe having the thing she's/they're spinning around have a bright orange/pink light emitting from it to illuminate the scene more (I assumed it was like a baton lit on fire).

6:52 AM, Sunday October 1st 2023

Thank you guys! And thank you for the feedback! I got super lazy right at the end a decided it was too much effort to paint one (1) light effect, so i've decided they're magic hearts or something (not really though, they are indeed supposed to be some sort of fire thing, i'll go back and throw on some lighting as the top is kinda dark ^^)

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