Hey, no worries, this isn't a race, and no one is checking how long you took! Congrats on getting through lesson 3. It's great that you're also drawing other things! Also, drawing in un-ideal conditions is better than not drawing. Now, on to critique.

Arrows: You're starting to get the idea here, but it's not quite there yet. One thing that helps me is after I draw the first line, I put down dots about where I want the second line to make turns. Also, you'll want the hatching to be vertical. I explain better with an image here: https://imgur.com/hlpb31I

Leaves: Good attempts at leaf turns and feeling the volume. As you can see here, I struggled with bending leaves, but found it helpful to visualize a leaf on a sheet of paper and bend that, like so (the bottom of this image): https://imgur.com/a/RB3jDGp

Branches: It looks like you have the idea here, following the minor axis, and using at least a bit of variation in degrees.

Plants: I see you have used ellipses to create the bounds of some of your flowers, and to fill the stems with volume. You have some leaves and petals that fold, although it appears that you still struggle with this. Some of the plants (such as the Golden chain) may be constructed properly, but it's diffucult to tell because they are small and there is a lot of detail. The mushrooms and cactus look very solid! Question: did you draw along with the demos? In them, you'll see more of how to construct all these plants.

One more thing that will actually make your life easier, that applies to the next units (insects, animals, etc): you only need to do ONE drawing per page. In fact, definitely don't do more than one. One plant, or one bug, or one animal. This will encourage you to use your whole arm, and will allow for more clear drawings where you can see the structure better.