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2:38 AM, Monday May 9th 2022

Hello, and welcome to Drawabox!

First of all, I want to say that I am also a beginner, so you should take my critique with a pinch of salt.

I will split my critique into 3 sections.


You have drawn the ghosted lines to the best of your ability, and with enough practice, you will be able to reduce the wobbly lines that I notice on the ghosted lines and (to a lesser extent) on the ghosted planes exercise. Remember: always prioritize confidence over accuracy.

I also notice repeating lines, which is evident in the ghosted planes exercise, which should be avoided for drawabox exercises, even if the initial line is far off.

(Just to be clear, ellipses should be drawn 2 full times in drawabox, however, not ghosted lines.)


There are no errors that I notice with ellipses, they all seem to be drawn correctly, and with confidence. Great job!


I notice that one of your Rough Perspective exercises does not use the line extension method. This is important for checking if your boxes allign with the vanishing point correctly.

Next Steps:

I would suggest that you complete another page of Rough Perspective, using the line extension method.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
9:40 PM, Monday May 16th 2022
10:42 PM, Monday May 16th 2022


Next Steps:

I advise you to continue on the 250 box challenge.

Additionally, I suggest the following whilst completing it.

Review the directions thoroughly and often whilst completing the challenge, I learned the importance of this from experience.

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Ellipse Master Template

This recommendation is really just for those of you who've reached lesson 6 and onwards.

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No matter which brand of ellipse guide you decide to pick up, make sure they have little markings for the minor axes.

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