Hello! I’ll be doing your critique today.

Superimposed lines

The lines are slightly wobbly but the curves are a lot more confident. Try to focus more on the straightness of your strokes during this stage.

Ghosted lines

The lines look a lot better here! I’ve noticed that the lines made at an angle are more confident than the others, don’t be afraid to rotate the page as much as you need to.

Ghosted planes and Ellipses in planes

I’ll talk about the second page since you have improved a lot from the first, there is only slight overshooting or undershooting but it’s mostly all good!

Table of Ellipses

The undershooting is less noticeable the further down do, and the accuracy is improving too, great job here!


You seem absolutely confident in your lines now!

Seems like you had some trouble with the ellipses on the right of the minor axis, that aside they’re all mostly the same shape so when you practice drawing ellipses when you have the time try to experiment with different angles.

Plotted Perspective Boxes

You followed the instructions correctly. There’s no distortion. although no cross hatching either, but that’s alright.

Rough Perspective Boxes

The lines are less confident again, then again, this exercise is pretty hard too. Don’t worry about the accuracy you’ll have plenty of time in the 250 box challenge to practise.

Rotated Boxes

Despite being a difficult exercise, you understood it pretty well! The main issue I can see is that some of the boxes on the last row aren’t rotating and there are some areas that should have been cross-hatched for clarity (the top and bottom of most boxes), aside from that you managed to make the overall image mostly round, good job!

Organic boxes

I see you understand the concept of depth, but a lot of the boxes have the same shape, and some of them aren’t following the line either.

Overall, you have done a great job and understand your mistakes, the only thing to work on are the boxes which is your next lesson too. And don’t forget to use these exercises as a small warm-up before drawing. It will improve your lines and perspective further.