Hi there,

Congratulations for completing the box challenge, it's definitely a lot more work than most people expect.

The first thing I noticed is that your lines are wobbly and arcing. Your line quality improves overall towards the end of the challenge, but I can still see wobbly lines on the last pages. Prefer confidence over precision when drawing lines. Don't be afraid to put dots on the page to mark the point where the line should end. In addition, always draw from your shoulder, ghost lines until you are confident enough to put ink and commit to them once you start drawing.

What is more, I observed that you rushed through your hatching. Hatching should be tight, consistent and parallel. Each hatching line should be drawn using ghosting method.

You did a great job keeping line convergence consistent and accurate. You could have experimented more with dramatic foreshortening especially in the first half of the challenge. Experimenting is an important part of the learning process and helps us form a more well rounded understanding.

Now, before I have you move on to lesson 2, let’s address the issue with your lines.