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12:01 AM, Sunday February 12th 2023

I know this may be a "empty compliment", but that was truely poetic! (I read the poem in Spawn's voice). But anyway, onto the real critique:

Congrats on completing what i call the 'White Whale' of Drawabox! Fewer people get to this point, so be proud of yourself. You've maintained confident lines, extending lines the right direction (AWAY from the viewer), applied the correct lineweight, hatched in the right manner and a decent mix between shallow and dramatic forshortening.

I do notice that many of the boxes seem too big, and that's fine, but with too much it causes overlapping in extending lines and can sometimes be confusing. it can be useful to start putting Just my suggestion.

Your convergences are inconsistent at the beginning

And on some cases it affects the corner line negatively. This is due to your lack of placing vanishing points. The upside is that i do notice that towards the end your convergences do improve.

My recommendation is to add a vanishing point, inside of the page, or if i it's outside of the page using a separate page at the side of your main page so that you can 'ghost' towards them and get your convergences more accurately. For a bonus, here's a guide on making your convengences better.

Overall a great submission, with some minor mistakes. You can add to your warm up pool the additional exercises!

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7:25 PM, Monday February 13th 2023

Thank you for the critique! :D

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