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8:01 AM, Friday June 17th 2022

Hi Tofu!

Here is my job:

Let me explain something; first, I really appreciate the time you spent on your reviews and on the very good in deep guide you shared.

Actually I learned more about drawing than drawing boxes, I started over with the lectures on lesson 0 and 1. I must admit that I wasn't fulfilling the 50% rule, first I thought that it was a rule to avoid some people to burnout, but it's actually a rule that not only makes you better at drawing, it also teaches you how to have fun and thats why I worked so hard to start on art school, I liked drawing so much than I want to work on this, but I wasn't having fun.

More about on the exercise:

  • I actually learned why this can take 1 month or even longer

  • I think I improved in any aspect, but still far from perfect

  • There is notations that I did for me and for you about the mistakes I spotted during my correction and study

  • I started a sketchbook and now I'm still drawing plenty of hours a day, but not rushing Drawabox but having fun drawing whatever I want to

  • There are still boxes that end up being too well made with too far VP's, I struggle with this because closer VP's have dramatic results and there I start to make lines wobblier, and this is probably the most important point that I must to achieve, since it can leads to non convergence and sometimes divergence.

7:43 PM, Friday June 17th 2022

No problem.

I'm glad you learned to appreciate the 50% rule and took your time, it's really important.

Overall these are a big improvement and represent what was being asked of you originally. There's still room for you to experiment by bringing your vanishing points in even closer but this is a great start. I'm sure as you continue to practice boxes in your warm ups you'll continue to see improvement so I'll be marking your submission complete.

Keep practicing boxes and previous exercises as warm ups and good luck in lesson 2.

Next Steps:

Move on to lesson 2.

This critique marks this lesson as complete.
12:59 PM, Saturday June 25th 2022
edited at 1:03 PM, Jun 25th 2022

Hey Tofu! I don't know if you will ever get noticed by this message, but for whatever reason I feel like to write you again just to point one thing that was the mother of all my troubles and it can be also the problem of other people like me.

When I was young I loved maths, but at some point the school changed the teacher and then I started to hate maths and learned it by memorising instead of understanding.

Well, time have past and all the knowledge I needed for the day was taught by the errors that everyone makes a couple of times.

Then the best thing happened, I started Drawabox and faced it like "It's just drawing" and that was my biggest flaw, It's all about understanding.

Why I struggled so much on my boxes ? Because I was just drawing boxes, I did not spend any time by thinking on the X,Y and Z; I was just aiming to make boxes on the paper, not to think of boxes on the space.

This last thing tricked my brain today since the last submission I only was doing some warm-ups and on those warm ups I did tons of Boxes.

So yes, the 250 boxes challenge is PERFECTLY TAILORED, the mindset of a box into the space ONLY will come if you spend the correct amount of time doing each and single box from 1 to 250 (or even more).

Well, I just wanted to share it with you, since you helped me tons, and without your critique probably I woulda have been doing "just boxes man" for months or even years.

Thank you again

edited at 1:03 PM, Jun 25th 2022
4:01 AM, Sunday June 26th 2022

It's very kind of you to go out of your way to write all this, and while it wasn't necessary it's very appreciated.

Thank you, I wish you the best of luck with the rest of the course.

8:35 PM, Friday June 17th 2022

This community and you are amazing, that's all I can say. Good luck with w/e you are chasing.

Love from Spain ^^

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