Superimposed Lines: Very good job, though your lines arched a little bit on longer lines. It might be useful for you to practice drawing really long straight lines without dots before your practice sessions, it might make you loosen up a little bit.

Ghosted Lines: Your line quality decreased a little bit. What you need to focus on is flow before accuracy. When you are trying to build up muscle memory, your brain needs to be outside of the picture. Also you should draw longer lines. But this page is okay

Ghosted Planes: You did not upload your ghosted planes separately. It would be easier for me to critique your work if you did, but your line quality looks more confident in this page.

Table of Ellipses: You need to practice more open ellipses / spherical shapes. Your narrower ellipses look better but more open ones do not look as confident. Try to imagine the minor and major axis in the middle of your ellipse after you draw your ellipse, and try to determine if you did a good job. We want to achieve 4 equal parts in our ellipses.

Ellipses in Planes: Yes! I think these pages look really good. Good job!

Funnels: Pretty good as well

Plotted Perspective: Nice

Rough Perspective: You'll have plenty of time perfecting these boxes, so I think they are pretty neat for a first try.

Rotated Boxes: Neat! Very good job.

Organic Perspective: Boxes those are closer to us should be a bit bigger but very nice

You did a great job overall, so congratulations! Keep it up with the 250 Box Challenge!