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4:55 AM, Friday February 18th 2022

Hi there,

Congrats on completion your Lesson 1.

Some comments from me:

  • your superimposed lines generally look good, they are of a consistent trajectory. However, on several occasions i think i see that they are not properly lined up in the beginning. My suggestion would be to slow down and to take care when starting them.

  • The ghosted lines/planes are fairly confident. You’ve generally kept them smooth and straight, the whole way through, and not forgotten about the start/end points of the non-diagonal center lines.

  • The table of ellipses and the ellipses in planes look mostly good. A few minor things. Try to hit the 2 rotations as per instructions - some of the ellipses were missing the second rotation. On the other hand, some others had more than two rotations - I am not sure if this represents a problem, but i would suggest to the recommended two rotations anyway. Also look for if pointy ellipses (because pointy ellipse = elbow/wrist).

  • The funnels look solid. Just be sure that the minor axis extends all the way through your ellipses; or, conversely, if there’s no more minor axis, simply don’t add another ellipse – it’ll be one aligned to nothing, and that’s not of much use to us.

  • The plotted perspective exercise looks clean.

  • The rough perspective exercise looks good. A couple of things: not to stick to your original guesses. In other words, after you’ve plotted a point, check it, by ghosting it to the horizon, and altering it as needed, before committing to it. Also - to be selective when applying line weight, as at the moment i can see a bit of randomness.

  • The rotated boxes exercise looks good. It’s big, its boxes are snug, and properly rotating. The boxes themselves aren’t always correct, as per you being forced to prioritize their neighboring edges above all else, but that’s perfectly fine.

  • The organic perspective exercise looks good. As per their increase in size, and consistent, shallow foreshortening, your boxes flow as intended. Some issues with the line weight again, so the same suggestion here - to slow down, and to take care when working with them.

Generally - good job on this lesson. I suggest you incorporate the exersices from Lesson 1 to your warm up routine, and move to the box challenge.

9:49 PM, Tuesday March 8th 2022

Thank you for the thoughtful critique.

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11:46 PM, Saturday February 19th 2022


Firstly, I am still on lesson 1 myself so my advice should not be taken as dogma, but I'll try my best.

Superimposed Lines

Your lines flow as they should, with no fraying at the start. Good work.

Ghosted Lines

I see no wobbling or archs, just very neat lines. I would consider these lines to be level 2. Very good. If anything, you'll want to try longer lines, like at least half the length of the page to properly test if you draw from your shoulder on these lines.

Ghosted Planes

Excellent work. You redo lines at times but the end result is stunning.

Tables of Ellipses

The position of some of your ellipses seems to fall short of the borders and they aren't as tight as you may want yet, but I'm certain that those issues will be solved with practice.

Ellipses in Planes

Your planes nicely touch all sides and are properly formed. You're already very good at ellipses.


Your ellipses seem to be mostly good. I didn't notice any errors that shouldn't improve with practice. You seem to have switched to a thicker pen at some point. This makes it harder to judge the quality of your work so please refrain from doing this in future. You also seem to have drawn a couple freehand ellipses. It is not possible for me to judge if they were drawn as intended.

Plotted Perspective

Some lines fall short of the vanishing points, you may try rechecking where both ends of your ruler are one last time before drawing your line. Otherwise your boxes look very neat.

Rough Perspective

It appears your biggest problem is undershooting your lines. It may help to ghost all the way to the vanishing point even if you wont draw that far.

Rotated Boxes

This exercise is very neatly done. The lines are straight, the boxes are close together and correctly turn. Very well done.

Organic Perspective

Nicely drawn. You've kept the illusion up rather well. At one point you've used another marker to go over your lines again. This makes it harder to judge the original lines. You may want to refrain from this in future.

Good luck, work hard and take plenty of breaks.



Next Steps:

If you continue with the 250 box challenge as the site recommends and do your warm-ups before each drawing session I'm confident you will have had enough practice to properly start with lesson 2, by the time you finish the challenge.

You may also try experiment with longer lines to make sure you can draw those properly as well.

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9:55 PM, Tuesday March 8th 2022

Thanks for the critique Mia.

I originally started lesson one with a brush pen a few of those pages I sis over once my fine liners came so that's why the funnels looked like I switched pens that was when I switched over to the fine liner. I didn't redo that entire page with just the fine liner. I'll make sure to only use one or the other going forward.

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