Lesson 4: Applying Construction to Insects and Arachnids

1:46 AM, Monday November 1st 2021

Lesson 4 - Google Drive

Lesson 4 - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1BCt2PD5G3hSQP7Qx2HQIwJmqIXg9IeoQ

Note: I finished this months prior but just wasn't able to submit it immediately. I don't have much thoughts about this considering how long it took me to upload it here. Thank you for taking the time to critique this.

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1:51 AM, Tuesday November 2nd 2021

You could use less contour curves on your organic forms, using a lot of them undermines the construction.

Also I don't think necessary to use countour lines on wings as they are mostly flat.

The legs on the jumping spider feel flat, you could construct larger sausages and build on top of them.

Everything else seems consistent, so good job.

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4:16 AM, Wednesday November 3rd 2021

I'll take note of these. Thanks for taking the time!

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