250 Box Challenge

12:37 AM, Wednesday April 14th 2021

1-220 - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/MTz8ReR

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This took a long time feedback back much appreciated here are the rest of the boxes.https://imgur.com/gallery/GlzPllN

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7:48 PM, Wednesday April 14th 2021

Hi Spike,

Ok, so this is going to be a little rough, but there seem to be some issues that you aren't understanding yet. It does look like you improved as you went through the exercise so that's good, but it doesn't seem like you got some basic principals of how to draw these and how they should look down, so you are going to have to do some more practice, but I'm going to help you with more detail about how you can approach this so that you can draw these and see these boxes better.

Please take a look at this these two images where I have diagramed out some important information:


A few additional notes to help.

•When plotting out your corner points it's helpful to look at the placement from multiple angels siting the spot from each of the points you are going to connect it to is a good idea for instance, because the trajectory can look pretty different to your eye from differ angles. You will need to explore this to figure out what works best for yourself and to train your eye, but you should be able to see what I mean if you try putting a dot down in a spot that you think will work between the corners and then rotate the page and judge how it is aligning again.

•It's important to visualize the lines extending out and you can even sort of trace the trajectories out with the motion of your hand (without making a line) to try and figure out where the VP would be and check to see that you are planning your next line correctly.

•If the angles on the outside of the box aren't converging very well, you may not be able to plot the last point (the center point that you have to draw three lines to) in a way that will work for all three lines. This is unavoidable at this stage, you just have to do your best and try to be more careful with how you place your earlier lines on future boxes.

• You may have to make multiple dots when planning out your corners and spend a fair amount of time tracing them out from different angles in order to decide where to draw your lines to. With practice this will get easier, I just recommend that you make dots light at first only doing a darker dot for a target when you are sure that you want the corner to be placed there.

•After you have followed these tips and are getting better boxes more regularly you might want to try using your red pen (that you mark the trajectories with) to figure out if you can fix the placement of one or more corners on the boxes you draw to "correct" your mistakes and help you see how you could have adjusted your placement on one or two of the corners and how that would effect the result in terms of the alignment of the lines to the VPs.

Next Steps:

Please do another 50 boxes taking your time to follow the tips I have outlined above both in text and the attached images. Make sure to take your time and I would encourage you to experiement with different ways of looking that the placement of your corners and lines. You might also take some of your better boxes already completed and try to figure out how to move one or two corners in order to fix or improve them to help with understanding how they are constructed.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
2:46 AM, Thursday April 15th 2021
edited at 2:49 AM, Apr 15th 2021

https://imgur.com/a/MLNMY2Z try copying and pasting this address in your address bar instead of clicking on it, I'm not sure why it's not working.

edited at 2:49 AM, Apr 15th 2021
2:37 AM, Thursday April 15th 2021

For some reason its not letting me see the image is there any other way you can fix it also thx for the critique.

2:44 AM, Thursday April 15th 2021

Box Pointers for 250 box challenge

4:10 AM, Thursday April 15th 2021

thx is see it now

7:39 PM, Wednesday May 5th 2021

I dont know what i was really aiming for? I also took a break from drawing. here is the 50 boxes https://imgur.com/gallery/66Jwydy

3:09 AM, Tuesday May 25th 2021

here is also another 50 boxes with vanashing point what do you think should i go to the next step https://imgur.com/gallery/Suv5sYK

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