Hi, congratulations for ending Lesson 1, I can give you some feedback:

Lines: I can see that in all the exercises you have done the steps correctly, in superimposed lines, I can see that the shorter lines have more confidence than the longer lines. I think is because you are not using the shoulder when drawing the lines, you will end up getting used to drawing with the shoulder if you keep practicing. In ghosted lines there are some arching lines, this can be solved if you try to arch in the opposite direction.

Ellipses: I can see that here too you have followed the steps correctly. I can see that in the funnels exercise the ellipses are wobbly. I think this is due to you trying to fit them, and while we try to be accurate, confidence should always take the priority. Same with ellipses in planes and table of ellipses.

Boxes: I can also see that you have followed the steps correctly. In rough perspective I can see that some height lines are not perpendicular to the horizon line. I would also like to mention that in the organic perspective exercise you could put lineweight to some of the boxes that are closer. In some parts you did, but in others you didn’t, so I would like to mention it.

I can also see you’re having trouble with the ink. I recommend that you look at this part of lesson 0 again: https://drawabox.com/lesson/0/4 , because I think you're having a problem using the material when doing the exercises.

After all I can see that you understand the purpose of each of the exercises, which is the most important thing about each one. Everything else will get better over time, so I can mark this lesson as completed.