Hi There! First, congrats for getting through the lesson. Here is my critique:

Arrows: The arrows look okay. Don’t forget perspective, start large and taper smaller. Try keep it consistent. Bear in mind that shading is done is done on the INSIDE bend.

Leaves: The leaves look good! I can see you played around a bit with twisting the leaves. Try push a bit more to add silhouette and break the boundary to add some form of texture.

Branches: Your branches have confident lines. There is slight scratchy lines as you connect the lines, but practice makes perfect. Try drawing different size branches next time.

Plants: Your plants look great! I can see carful consideration for the construction of the various forms. Try do the cast shadows by means of solid black areas. Try not to do hatching, like cross hatching to show shading.

Very well done on this exercise. Of course, keep doing Lesson 1 warmups as you are heading through the next lessons.