Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

6:16 PM, Friday January 6th 2023

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I would love to know what else people have studied to improve their sense of texture.

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7:37 AM, Thursday March 9th 2023

Congrats to have complete lesson 2 !

Arrows : First of all , I don't know why but you did 3 pages of arrows instead of 2 but It's ok, you should just avoid to do more than what is required of you. So let's start, I saw that you was putting some notes for you which is a great idea so continue to do this but be carefull with that this must not interfere with the duty. Then your lines are great and you didn't repeating your lines and the compression is correct as a whole, as well as you lineweight too.

Organic forms : Let's continue with Organic forms which in general are great too, good lines, your sausages have great forms. However pay attention with the degree of your ellipses https://d15v304a6xpq4b.cloudfront.net/lesson_images/6822fd02.jpg

Apart from that the rest of the mistakes were not made, congratulations.

Textures : Good job !

Dissections : Damn, It's just amazing im fan, Exellent !

Form Intersections : I have the feeling that you understood pretty well the exercice which amaze however some of the lines in your cubes seem to be parallel I can't check but you should pay attention to taht and I noticed in some places that your line weight was messy in certain cases.

Organic intersection : Well let's conclude this great submission with the last exercice. Sadly I have agin no many things to say about your work just exellent, good job !

Next Steps:

I saw that you did the lesson 3 so congrats and continue with lesson 4 and you can also try the 25 textures challenge :)

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5:36 PM, Thursday March 9th 2023

Thank so you much!

I think I did arrows as a warm up one day, and it just kinda ended up in the lesson 2 homework upload. Oops!

That's a good point on ellipse degree. I just noticed it's especially egregious when I do the partial ellipses (yikes!), so I'll need to vary that some more moving forward.

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12:09 PM, Wednesday March 8th 2023

Well I will make this critique soon so don't take it pls.

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