Hey there! Looking at your work here, I think you did a great job, and with a few improvements, you will be on your way to the next level.

Arrows: Nicely done on conveying the three-dimensional form of the arrows. I think you did alright with their perspective, as you varied the width from one end to the other. The shadows are off on a few instances. Usually, you want shadows to be in the nooks of the arrows, and there are some instances where it is outside. Since most times, you have the shadows placed correctly, I will count that as a small error. But, be mindful of where you place your shadows in the future. There are a couple of unfinished arrows on the second page. You don't have to re-submit them, but I would say to complete them and then you should be good to go.

Contour Ellipses and Lines: For both pages, I got an excellent sense of 3D. For the contour ellipses, work on making sure they fit snugly in the form as best as you can. It is fine to overshoot occasionally, but I noticed that there were many times where you undershot the ellipses and they were just floating inside the form. As for the contour lines, a few of them are wobbly, so make sure to continue to draw them confidently. This may mean ghosting a few times just to make sure you draw them correctly before putting pen to paper.

Texture Analysis: Great work on your portrayals. I'm not quite sure what the middle texture is supposed to be, as it looks a little similar to paper, but it still looks very solid. You also did well in portraying lighting and shadows with your textures. One thing to keep in mind is that the transition from darkness to light in the third panel should be gradual. I can see the complete darkness on the lefthand side, but then there are spots of light right next to it. I've made this same mistake as well; just make sure to transition better. This may mean having the darkness reach out more in similar shapes and forms to the first panel and leaving small spots of light that are similar in form to the ones in the first panel. The only reason I'm placing a decent amount of stress on this is because you will do this exercise again for the 25 texture analysis challenge, so it is something to keep in mind for the future.

Dissections: Great work overall! You conveyed the lighting and shading really well. One thing to note: for the cat fur, I noticed that you mainly used line strokes that don't connect to form anything to portray the texture. Keep in mind that cat fur isn't just lines, but actual tufts of fur. It's similar to how Uncomfortable portrayed grass: not zigzag lines, but confident strokes that still form small tufts.

Form Intersections: I can tell that you improved over time while doing this exercise. Plus, your line strokes were confident, and I got a good sense of 3D from your work.

Organic Intersections: These forms looks wonderful. Good, confident, 3D. The shadows on the top forms are slightly off in that they extend past their actual forms, so keep that in mind. You need to do two pages of Organic Intersections, so make sure to submit one more page of this and then I will check it.

Overall, great work. I can't mark this lesson complete yet since you still have one more page of organic intersections to do, so make sure to submit that when you can.