250 boxes with vp ?

8:44 PM, Monday July 26th 2021

Hi everyone !

So, I'm 60 boxes in the 250 boxes challenge, following Uncomfortable's instructions but also trying out a few different things in how I approach drawing them (rotating the page, etc) to see what works best. I've found that trying to visualize a vanishing point for each set of parallel lines and trying to align everything seems to give better results than basing my estimations on the angle at which I think the lines should converge, for example.

The thing is, at some point I started not only visualizing the vp, but actually putting dots on the page. So while I'm not tracing my lines back to them, I do have actual vanishing points there that I have drawn. So my question is, does that defeat the purpose of the challenge and should I refrain from doing it, or is that "allowed" ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answers !

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7:16 PM, Tuesday July 27th 2021

Download the blender software (for free) and play a bit with a normal cube in wireframe mode. Notice how the planes of the cube behave depending on the "Y" in the closest corner. Zoom in drastically, and see how the forshortening change. It helped me a lot.

7:13 AM, Thursday July 29th 2021

That's a good idea, thanks I'll try it out !

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9:44 PM, Monday July 26th 2021

I would see dots for VPs a bit like stabilisers. OK to get started but it is best to lose them as soon as possible.

One of the notes on the task is that there should be more emphasis on shallow foreshortening. This most likely means that vanishing points will not be on the paper anyway.

One thing that I started doing was to visualise triangles on the paper. This seems to help me determine the angles quite well. You can quite quickly establish where the edge cannot be by testing the limits because edges would converge far too quickly or far too slowly. Then it becomes an iterative method of trying to narrow things down further using visualised triangles until it seems to click as correct.

Don't think I have explained this well but it was just something that I started doing after drawing so many boxes and it seemed to work quite well.

7:28 AM, Tuesday July 27th 2021

Oh yeah, that makes sense

Don't worry I think you explained it pretty well haha

I'll work on making my perspective more shallow then, I've kinda been deceiving myself into thinking it was fine, but my vp do tend to be rather close due to the method I've described

Thanks a lot for your advice !

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12:36 PM, Wednesday July 28th 2021

I used both VPs and foreshorthening. I also found that looking at the boxes from a different angle helped. I found when Im facing the line i want to draw (so I'm drawing vertically towards me, if you will) dramatically helped me keep the lines parallel and reduced divergence.

7:15 AM, Thursday July 29th 2021

Thanks ! yes for sure, I've found that facing towards the direction where the lines should converge helped me a lot

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12:43 PM, Thursday August 5th 2021

This should help ;)

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