What to do when your lesson is complete but you haven't gotten a critique yet???

11:12 AM, Saturday September 10th 2022

Guys what do you think I should when waiting for my lesson to be critiqued???

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12:38 PM, Saturday September 10th 2022

Catch up with your 50% freedrawing part or just take a small breather, critiques usually dont take that long

2:38 PM, Saturday September 10th 2022

actually l cann't afford the official critique. an it's been a month since my lesson 2 submission and it didn't get critiqued. so. I started and finished lesson 3. and l'm gonna tackle the lesson 4 demos.

but I'm not getting critiques

5:22 PM, Saturday September 10th 2022

Perhaps refer to the #critique-exchange channel on the Drawabox Discord. You might have to critique others' work for your work to be put on Elodin's list.

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3:56 AM, Tuesday September 13th 2022
edited at 3:58 AM, Sep 13th 2022

i am here about 6 month and i have no any bages for lessons (not official critic)

when i end 250 box challenge, i thought, that someone will be agree to give me achievment, i was so proud of me,.. but...no)

now i am starting to draw insects, and think that i should do it for myself, and be strictly judge for myself.

i dont care, just do it for myself%)

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2:58 PM, Monday October 10th 2022

I suggest you check out Elodin's critique exchange program on Discord to get the rest of your work reviewed.

"Community feedback is free, but not guaranteed, as it relies on the good will of other students. While we have future plans to expand the reliability and structure of what our free students are able to access, right now I highly recommend making use of the unofficial critique exchange program hosted on our Discord server by one of our TAs, Elodin." https://discord.gg/TyX6faxSXa

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