Congratulations on completing the 250 Box Challenge! You did a pretty good job overall and I can see you learned a lot by the end.

You did a very good job of constructing your boxes with straight, confident looking lines and by the end I can see that your mark making grew more clean and precise. By the end of the challenge you also do a better job of getting your sets of parallel lines to converge more consistently towards their shared vanishing points.

I noticed that you struggled at first with checking your convergences correctly, as shown here. After a few pages you do seem to get the hang of it but there are still a few boxes later on that aren't checked correctly. It is important to take your time while working through Drawabox and you should frequently refer back to the instructions to make sure that you did not forget a step and that you are doing everything correctly. Following the instructions to the letter is an important step to getting the most out of Drawabox. You can always ask questions here or on the community discord if you need additional help.

While your lines are very straight and confident looking, they do look a bit faded. I believe this is in part due to the paper you are using. It appears that you did this challenge in a sketch pad of some sort and normally, sketch pads have a toothier texture that makes it more difficult to create the rich lines we strive for in Drawabox. It can also damage your pen and shorten its lifespan. If possible I recommend that you try and find yourself a pad of printer paper, as suggested here.

Finally while your convergences do improve overall I think this diagram will help you further develop that skill as you continue through Drawabox. So, when you are looking at your sets of lines you want to be focusing only on the lines that share a vanishing point. This does not include lines that share a corner or a plane, only lines that converge towards the same vanishing point. Now when you think of those lines, including those that have not been drawn, you can think about the angles from which they leave the vanishing point. Usually the middle lines have a small angle between them, and this angle will become negligible by the time they reach the box. This can serve as a useful hint.

Congratulations again and good luck with lesson 2!