Is there a way to draw "oval cylinders"?

6:59 PM, Thursday September 2nd 2021

I just flipped through H2d by Scott Robertson and I don't know if it's just me who missed some information from the book, but I can't seem to find a way to draw oval cylinders with perspective.

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7:40 PM, Thursday September 2nd 2021

If you mean a cylinder that has ends that are ovals/ellipses in a specific fashion (like with particular proportions), then your best bet would be to start by building a box that fit those proportions and then constructing ellipses in its ends. If you're just talking about a cylinder that has been smushed down in any fashion, then that's more a matter of context.

That is to say, if we try to place a cylinder in the context of a scene (a regular, circular-end cylinder) then we have to work pretty hard to make sure those ends do represent circles in 3D space, when compared to all the other vanishing points/factors in the scene. If we don't, then it's likely that our cylinder is going to be more squashed, with ellipsoid ends.

9:33 PM, Thursday September 2nd 2021
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Hm i see... Thanks for the explanation. I'll go ahead and do some studies on it.

btw uncomfortable, I've just signed up for the dynamic sketching 1 course that will begin in October 3rd.

So far I've only completed up to lesson 5 and 250 cylinders, do you think it's too early for me to take the course?

Hope I didn't bother you too much.

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1:21 AM, Friday September 3rd 2021

You'll be fine. Keep in mind that many people who take dynamic sketching are total beginners. Personally I feel that one will benefit from having developed their grasp of 3D space further along to really get the most of dynamic sketching (since they tend to be a little more free in jumping between working in 2D and 3D which can be confusing for beginners), which is why this course exists. So having gotten as far as you have is an advantage rather than somewhere you're coming up short.

11:46 AM, Thursday December 2nd 2021
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Hello Uncomfortable! As always thank you for taking your time to answering questions I know you are very busy so I'll make sure to tip you after this.

As I promised I'm now back after taking Dynamic Sketching 1 at CGMA. I've got a several questions, I hope you don't mind.

I'll start off by saying that the CGMA class and the instructor was amazing! Can't lie, I learnt alot and got alot of amazing feedback, just like I did here.

Despite that there was some things that I couldnt grasp unlike all the other students. (I think it's because I overthink too much)

So here at Drawabox we use forms and attach organics on them as shown in Lesson 5.

The way we use organics here seems to be very different from how they teach at CGMA so it got me really confused.

Also the construction part at CGMA also got abit confused, I thought we'd use dissection until we started doing plants where alot of 2d things came into play.

All in all it was one of the most fun I've done. It's just that I'm too much of a birdbrain to understand how to combine what we learnt and put into practice.

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2:09 PM, Friday September 3rd 2021

Thank you uncomfortable. I'll be back very soon after the course ends, I promise.

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