250 Box Challenge

9:03 PM, Tuesday February 4th 2020

250 Box Challenge (After Lesson 1) - Album on Imgur

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I have separated the lesson into 13 pages with shallow foreshortening and 12 pages with dramatic foreshortening since the instruction was to practice both types of foreshortening (leaning towards shallow).

I have graded each box and I think my grading has gotten stricter as I did more and more boxes (due to my eye improving). I decided not to regrade earlier parts (due to advice of not grinding) as when I checked them again later on I didn't agree with my initial grade. I graded the type of foreshortening (asking myself is it consistent with what I put on the top left of the page) and on the lines of the box (asking myself if they go to their respective vanishing points).

I completed this lesson roughly 4 months ago so in case it looks like I have been ignoring recent advice, I have not. I was told to "always ghost each mark, and try to make it as confident as (I) can. If the accuracy is off, don't repeat it, keep going as if the line was correct" for my lesson 2 submission. Due to my ignorance at the time I kept repeating the line over and over until I was satisfied with its accuracy. Obviously if I graded the boxes on my initial line only the scores would drop all across the board.

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9:36 PM, Tuesday February 4th 2020

Congrats on completing the challenge. I have one big recommendation though - draw bigger. You're cramping these into such a small space, and it makes this exercise far more difficult than it needs to be. Give your brain more space to think, and for you to use more of your entire arm when drawing.

Additionally I can see a bunch of places where your lines have gotten kind of hairy from drawing over them a lot. Line weight is one thing, but some of those look more like you just automatically went over them because maybe you made a mistake or you weren't confident with that line. Don't correct your mistakes, and don't reinforce your lines automatically. Draw them in a single motion, and then when you come back later to add line weight, do so using the ghosting method again, and don't overdo it.

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5:54 PM, Tuesday February 11th 2020

Hi ExtraBadCat,

Thank you for your help.

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