Let’s see~

The lines section is quite solid. The only recommendation I have is to place start/end points for the non-diagonal center lines of your planes.

The ellipse section is quite nice, as well. Be careful that you’re only rotating around your ellipses 2-3 times, ideally 2, as per the instructions, though. Also, in the funnels exercise, be a little more mindful of the minor axis (which should cut your ellipses into two equal, symmetrical halves), their spacing (they should be snug), and their degrees (they should either remain consistent, or increase as they move away from the center.)

The box section is a little more complicated. The first thing I notice is the automatic reinforcing (i.e. correcting an incorrect line.) If you think back to the instructions in the ghosted lines section, this is discouraged. If a line is wrong, it’s wrong. The rotated boxes exercise has been done 3 times. Not only is this bad because it counts as grinding, it’s also bad because a small drawing doesn’t provide you with a lot of space to think about your problems. The exercise itself looks fine, though. Finally, not counting the automatic reinforcing issue, the organic perspective exercise is quite nicely done. Be a tiny bit more mindful of the foreshortening the next time you attempt it, though. A dramatically foreshortened box implies a large scale, or a box that’s really close to us, which doesn’t fit particularly well in the flow our composition.

There’s enough good here to have you move on to the next homework, but definitely make a note of all of the things I mentioned. GL!