How to draw the inside of a box

5:30 PM, Thursday March 16th 2023

I've recently started to do the 250 Box Challenge and I'm having difficulties drawing the inside of a box. I find that I always predict the lines to be too far or too short where the lines will meet.


Is there a trick to find out where the lines will converge?

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4:23 PM, Wednesday March 22nd 2023

Well, before you worry about the inside, I do notice that the outside lines (the "vertical-ish" ones) diverge, rather than converge. The critical lines are the first two you tack on to your "y-shape." Their angle and length determine the rest of the box.

I tried to explain here with some images (lines "a" and "b" in steps 2 and three are the most critical to understand):

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12:10 AM, Friday March 17th 2023

I would encourage you first and foremost to review these reminders, specifically the third point about not worrying about the back corner, as it's more of a distraction than anything else. That said, you may also want to check out this video by ScyllaStew which shares a way to leverage the fact that we put down points for the start/end of lines as part of the ghosting method, and to help use that to help determine where we should be drawing lines to help with more consistent corners.

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