Heyyyy SNAKE_FARTS (lol)! I wanna congratulate you on completing lesson 1. With that said lets get to the critique.


I like your line exercises in this homework, they're smooth, drawn confidently. Nothing to complain about. However, outside the exercises dedicated to lines you seem to have thrown out all of that. You're redrawing lines, obviously not using the ghosting method. You even have some places where you use chicken scratching! Your lines should be continuous and unbroken, and doing that flies right in the face of it.


As for your ellipses, there's also a few things to mention:

  1. You draw through them too many times, 2-3 times is the recommended amount, no more, no less.

  2. In your Tables of ellipses, markes Ex#4 you have two panels missing? And also the second row on the right doesn't really make sense for the exercise.


The first page of the rough perspective exercise looks really good, except for the few lines that weren't extended. But this only begs the question: What happened to the second page of this exercise? It completely misses point, your lines are ... missing at places.. it's really messy.

The rotated boxes has a lot of issues. I suggest watching the video attached to the lesson to get a better understanding of how this exercise works.

Your organice pespective however shows better understanding of boxes.