Hello and congratulations on finishing the lesson 1 exercises, I'll be reviewing your work. If the text becomes confusing I apologize in advance because english is not my first language, but I hope everything will be understandable.


Your superimposed lines look good, however on the ghosted lines exercise I can see a lot of wobbly and unconfident lines. You should always strive to draw the line with confidence, accuracy will come with time. On the ghosted planes the wobbly lines can still be seen here and there, but I can notice that they are getting more confident, so keep it up.


On the table of ellipses you are drawing them with confidence, but sometimes they are overlapping each other. You need to try to keep the ellipses withing the bounds of the table and not make them overlap with any of the other ellipses. On the Ellipses in planes exercises, a few of them have wobbly lines, so ghost the elipse until you are confortable with the movement and then draw it quickly and with confidence. On the Funnels exercise the ellipses are good and the minor axis for the most of them are positioned nicely, but you draw the minor axis line two times on some of the funnels, it's recommended that you do not draw over lines, if you think you made a mistake just move on. Same goes for some ellipses in this page which it seems that you drew through them more then 2 or 3 times. I might be wrong, but if that is really the case, just draw trough the ellipses 2 or 3 times (2 times preferably)


On the rough perspective exercise you drew over a lot of lines, as stated before you shouldn't do that (unless in the case of wanting to add line weight, but those should also be done with the ghosting method and with a confident stroke). Also, you didn't do the part where you should pick a pen of different color and plot the lines you did to the horizon line (not de VP), this part is really good for you to identify your mistakes). The rotated boxes is a tough one and I think this looks good, but you still draw some lines again, like in the bottom row of boxes (second box left to right). On Organic Perspective is completely normal to have perspective to have mistakes, but you also got wobbly lines and are drawing over them. Your lines were getting more confident over time, maybe this happened because of the break you took between exercises. I recommend doing the ghosted lines and planes exercises as a form of warm up from now on.