Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

1:07 PM, Monday August 24th 2020

Lesson one- Submission for official critiques & review - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/WnbmEHk

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I've also made a zip version of the images for lesson one exercices. Here is the link


Have a nice week.

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2:39 PM, Monday August 24th 2020

Make sure to read through in full instructions on the Ellipses exercise. Uncomfortable tells you to draw through the ellipse (which means that you essentially circle around the ellipse not just once but 2-3 times). Also make sure to ghost your ellipse as you would lines so you can put your pen to paper and draw through it confidently. I see some wavyness in your strokes which suggests your hesitating and relying on visual cues too much rather than motor control. I think you should reread the the ellipse exercises and try them again!

4:10 PM, Monday August 24th 2020

Hi, nice critique. You should check out this https://pastebin.com/dYnFt9PQ it gives a solid structure to critique lesson 1 :) Also, don't be afraid to give clearly guidelines of the steps that the stundent should follow. (like re-do a page of a specific exercise, or move on to the 250 box challenge.

3:41 AM, Tuesday August 25th 2020

Thanks! I'll follow your advice and try to ghost ellipses. I'll also try to warm up a little longer to bild self confidence in my line and embetter my chances to diminish wavyness.

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4:43 AM, Wednesday August 26th 2020

The fraying is happening on both ends on your first exercise, so you might want to keep repeating this one for a while, an exercise to better your muscle memory. Try varying the line sizes more and remember to also use curved lines, as the exercise suggests.

There is a lot of overshooting on both ends of your ghosted lines. Focus on nailing the starting point.

There is a lot of empty space in both Ghosted and Ellipse Planes, and little variation in size and angle.

There is little variation in your ellipses in the Tables of Ellipses and also visible empty space between the borders and the ellipses, they should try and occupy as much space as possible.

7:55 AM, Monday September 7th 2020

Thanks for your comments.

I've re-made exercice from lesson one ellipses on plane.


Could you please take some minutes to look and make comments?

Thanks in advance for your help!

3:56 AM, Tuesday September 8th 2020

Looks like you didn't fully understand the plotted perspective exercise.

First, you draw a vertical line. Then, using a ruler, you draw the whole line, from each viewpoint, to both ends of that vertical line. If you don't want it to look too messy, draw the convergence lines (the ones that go from the vertices to the viewpoint) with a pencil and use a pen only on the box proper.

On the table of ellipses, they look much better than in the original submission. The weird part is on the bottom right, there's a lot of overlap between them.

On the funnels, you should've used a ruler or something to draw perfectly straight lines in the middle of those arcs. They are mostly well contained within the borders, which is good.

1:04 PM, Wednesday September 9th 2020
edited at 1:05 PM, Sep 9th 2020

I've redone the funnel using my french curve and a ruler for the axis as you advised me to do. It looks better.


Could you please also give me your advise on the organic perspective exercice? I feel that some of my boxes looks strange.

Thanks for all your feedback. It really helps.

edited at 1:05 PM, Sep 9th 2020
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