Should I do some box exercises before starting the 250 cylinder challenge?

7:38 PM, Tuesday May 16th 2023

I've noticed that my box drawings somewhat fail to converge to each vanishing point.

I don't know how relevant it is to continue with this cylinder challenge. So I'm asking if I should do some boxes as a warm up or just keep going?

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8:30 PM, Wednesday May 17th 2023

Yes, you're meant to be incorporating the exercises from lessons and challenges you've complete previously into your regular warmup routine as mentioned in Lesson 0. Having a lesson marked as complete simply means that you've demonstrated an understanding of how the given exercises are meant to be approached - not that you're done with them.

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8:43 PM, Monday May 22nd 2023

Adding to what the creator has said, it makes for good practice but do not overdo it. I think maybe a page or two should be enough for making a difference and warming yourself up for what is to come. Best of luck for the challenge up ahead!

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