Lesson 4: Applying Construction to Insects and Arachnids

12:42 PM, Monday March 7th 2022

Drawabox Lesson 4 [Insects and arachnids] - Album on Imgur

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Finally! I've finished Lesson 4 homeworks.

I am gonna miss the pain of doing those little guys.

To be honest i felt like this lesson was a roller coaster for me, Since i don't really know what to do. Especially in the beginning of the lesson, Just following the demo and trying my best to follow uncomfy advice / informal demos.

I really have to thank the Drawabox community for critiquing my previous work and let me know what to improve upon and how to fix my mistake.

To whoever critique my work. Thank you, From the bottom of my heart. If you have any revision or advice you can always critique my work down below. Thank you very much!

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8:30 AM, Saturday March 19th 2022
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Organic Forms with Contour Curves

  • Nice work on keeping these forms simple & having consistent width.

  • Your contour curves are almost always perpendicular to their minor axis, like they should be.

  • You should try to change the degrees of those curves gradually as they face(& turn away from) the viewer. It's little hard to notice(since you're not doing full ellipses) but ghosting would help a lot in figuring them out.

  • Another thing you can do is trying doing these in different orientations, like both side facing the viewer or facing away from the viewer(see https://i.imgur.com/7rwiJpq.png), it will change how contour curves are laid out.

Insects/Arachnids Drawings

These insects are well constructed in their basic forms & look solid, good work!!

  • I probably mentioned this to you before in discord but I personally think the one thing where you could improve a lot is planning the construction beforehand & comparing the size/width of other parts of the body(especially wings & antennae) is compared to head(or something that is already drawn) along with the tilt of basic shapes(head/thorax/abdomen).

    • While we're not drawing exact copy of the reference, the drawing should atleast respect basic proportions, so that it doesn't result in something different(see https://youtu.be/eH444HP5WXU if you want to understand this properly). Again it doesn't have to be completely accurate(since that's not the focus) but just having the gist of it will help a lot.
  • You have done good job on breaking the silhouette on most insects(it could be done little better for the abdomen of mosquito, like you've done for it's head).

  • Don't be afraid to extend the thorax beyond it's visible part(like under it's abdomen). So that the back legs can be in the natural palces. You've done this a little in Weevils but only little, like in the reference 1 pair of legs are coming out of visible thorax but in your drawing 2 pairs of legs.

  • You've used only few additional mases on top of legs(or other basic forms), they're enough for basic construction but feel free to add more of them when doing detail(like shown here https://i.imgur.com/7b9rc9e.png)

  • Most of the time your lineweight are well placed & with right thickness but also be sure to make use of them on noisy constructions(mostly because of legs & head/abdomen) like in front side of the Ant & the middle part of the Cricket to the body parts on the foreground more clear.


Nice work on these constructions, you should work on improving the size wings & antennae of these insects as most of the time they quite small & short compared to the reference.

Congrats on completing lesson 4!!

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2:44 AM, Monday March 21st 2022

Understood! I'll make sure to take more consideration with the proportion on the next lesson, It was quite hard to get them right but I'll pay more attention to them.

Thank you for your critique! Purpel :takenrg:

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