Plant and Insect as warmups

8:05 PM, Wednesday September 7th 2022

Just want to double check. Things like the Plant and insect drawings are not intended to be a part of warmups? Pretty sure the answer is no since that part of the homework isn't really labeled as an exercise but I want to make sure on the of chance that I've been missing out on something crucial.

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4:22 PM, Thursday September 8th 2022

They are technically exercises, in that all of the drawings we do in this course are - those being specifically constructional drawing exercises that force us to think about how we can combine simple forms, how they relate to one another in space, etc. to create more complex results. That said, you do not need to include them in your warmups, though it would be wise to set aside time to practice them now and then.

11:38 AM, Friday September 9th 2022

Alright, I think ill try doing at least one 30 min sitting of them a week after I do the regular warm ups. Glad I asked. Thanks.

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8:15 PM, Thursday September 8th 2022

I don't think so. You can instead do exercises that isolate different parts of them. Why bother with the whole plant, when you can only bother with leaves or stems? The whole insect takes so much time, why not practice drawing tasty sasuages? Time's important and that approach should be enough.

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