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7:43 AM, Sunday February 4th 2024

Hi CARROR , Congrats!! on finishing lesson, here's the critique;


Good work on being able to successfully connect the starting and ending dots on some of them! Some of the lines may not have landed on the ending dot or have a very slight shakiness or arching, but I can feel some confidence in those line strokes; which is more important here than accuracy.


Ellipses are a bit wobbly on the ghosted planes. Remember that in ellipses as well as lines you should try to do them as confident as you can, don't hesitate in sacrificing accuracy to get them smoother and more confident.


You've done a great job and followed instruction pretty well.

The only drawbacks I see in Organic Perspective is that on some tables, the farther box is bigger than the actual box that is closer in space to the viewer, which can cause some confusion, so do bear in mind the direction and flow of the boxes.

I believe the 250 boxes challenge should set things right for these problems so as long as your mindful of not repeating them again and take the time to improve.

I'll mark this as complete and don't forget to ask any question you have:)

Next Steps:

250 Box Challenge

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9:52 PM, Tuesday February 6th 2024

Thank you very much!!! I'll take everything into account when making the 250 boxes.

3:51 AM, Wednesday February 7th 2024

You're very welcome:)

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