Congratulations on completing lesson 1!


  • Superimposed lines generally look good. I see some fraying on both ends on the lower-right corner of the first page, which is usually a sign of rushing. Be patient with every line you ghost— rushing will improve neither speed nor accuracy.

  • Good job prioritizing confidence over accuracy in ghosted lines. You're already able to reach the other dot in many cases.

  • Your lines often arc. This probably happens because of the natural outward arc of your shoulder and elbow. You can correct it by consciously arcing inwards as you draw the line. With practice, the two tendencies cancel.

  • I noticed you retried a couple lines. In Drawabox, you always continue with the line you have— never redraw.


  • My impression is that you rushed through your ellipse tables. Your ellipses often break through the boundary boxes or intersect. Even the table looks rushed with overhanging corners.

  • I get it, you want to get to the good stuff. But the good stuff will be so much better if and when you get these basics down. If your drawing you're ellipses so quickly that you lose control of the pen (as appears to be the case), ghost more times and try again with a slower pace. With practice, your stroke will improve.

  • You've tried circles and vertical ellipses. Have you tried horizontal ellipses with the minor axis point towards you?

  • There's significant improvement in your ellipses between the first and the second page of ellipses in planes. Good job!

  • In funnels, your ellipses often break the boundaries of the funnel. Once again, try a slower, more controlled stroke.

  • There's also minor axis misalignment in some funnels, especially the bottom one. That's partially because you're drawing your funnels freehand. I recommend drawing the funnels with some sort of curved implement (a large coffee mug or plate works just fine), as mistakes quickly propagate in this exercise.


  • Good work on plotted perspective

  • Good work on rough perspective. Make sure to take care when creating your tables and horizon lines. What would happen when you shift the horizon line up or down?

  • In rotated boxes, some boxes don't seem to be rotating. I'm looking especially at the rightmost box, which seems to have the exact same vanishing point as its neighbor on the left. Be careful with this... these mistakes accumulated and gave the drawing a general "diamond" shape rather than the intended circle. Overall though, good work.

  • Good work on organic perspective. I admit to being a little confused at first when I look at the very last panel— why are the boxes at the very end not the smallest? Then I realized that you were trying to make the organic line return to the viewer's space after it recedes. This is a cool idea, and I think you could convey it better if you added line weight to the line and the boxes in relation to their distance from the viewer (closer parts get more line weight)