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9:37 AM, Wednesday October 20th 2021

Your Organic Forms with Contour Ellipses looks good but in the next exercise Organic Forms with Contours Curves, the curves are getting a bit to flat. They do not draw the shape of a round organic form.

5:29 PM, Saturday November 20th 2021

Hello, thank you for your review.

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6:31 AM, Saturday November 27th 2021

Hi Balzek,

Great work. I especially appreciate how you dove into the intersections and really explored them. Your arrows are over very good, but show a little confusion on which side to shade at times and on at least one it looks like you lost the sense of which way it was connecting. Anyway it looks like you figured that all out as you were going, so great work. The thing that you seem to need the most practice with is drawing confident ellipses, which shows up in the two sauage shape exercises. I'd recommend doing your warm ups on ellipses to really practice that and get those curves smoother. The texture study needs a lot of work, I guess it's probably going to take some more practice to get the idea of how to convey the transition from dark to light well. It does look like you did significantly better on the dissections, in capturing texture, which is no mean feet and good practice, but they also lack a sense of lighting at this point, so if you can figure out how to do that transition better on the texture study, then you could apply some of that technique to forms as well. Overall I really do like your dissections though, it looks like you are learning a lot about how to convey texture. The organic intersection look pretty good and you definately filled up the page, two things that could be improve though are your sense of weight in how they are interacting and your cast shadows, but I think you got everything you really needed to on that one at this point.

Next Steps:

Head on to Lesson 3. Keep practicing your ellipses to get smoother more confident curves.

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