Heyo Acwan!!

Great stuff here! I didn't see many issues, just small thing here and there

When Drawing the "hatching" on the sides of the boxes you created, make sure to take your time and make the mark with confidence. I can see there was quite a bit of wobbling going on. you can try lessening the number lines and spacing them out.

With some of the boxes, something I noticed was, the convergence lines of the 3 sets were very parallel ( like box #92). As you went further in the exercise I think you fixed the issues there though. just something to keep in mind!


Attached is a link and some info I received for one of my critiques.

"when you are looking at your sets of lines you want to be focusing only on the lines that share a vanishing point. This does not include lines that share a corner or a plane, only lines that converge towards the same vanishing point. Now when you think of those lines, including those that have not been drawn, you can think about the angles from which they leave the vanishing point. Usually the middle lines have a small angle between them, and this angle will become negligible by the time they reach the box. This can serve as a useful hint."

just more info for you to keep in mind in the future!!

One last thing, try playing around with more extreme foreshortening!

awesome stuff

Feel free to move on to lesson 2 if you have not already!