Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

6:45 PM, Monday October 3rd 2022

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Please ignore any notes I wrote on the images... sometimes I self critique after I complete a page.

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10:37 AM, Thursday October 6th 2022

Hey there, I will be looking over your homework today ^^ The first step is always the hardest so good job on making it through the first Lesson :> If there's anything you don't understand feel free to ask me!

I'll be pointing out what you did well first, before diving into where I think you have room for improvement.

Lines You do well on placing your Lines starting at Point A and ending at Point B. Some fraying is totally normal, especially when you're still learning. The only thing I noticed is that you tend to arch a lot, especially the longer the lines get. This is absolutely normal and at this point totally okay, but I think I should point it out still just so you can try to keep an eye on it. To improve this you can check yourself whether you're drawing from your shoulder and rotating the paper as you need to comfortably place the line. But as I said, it's not a huge factor :> In addition, I can see them improving a lot in the Ghosted Planes exercise. They look really good!

Ellipses Good job on staying within the bounds and drawing through each ellipse two times! Your ellipses look really wobbly, though and I could see in your notes that you ghosted slowly. It's good to try out different methods but I believe, and it's visible in your work, too, that your hand won't memorize the stroke if you follow it slowly. Remember, we're going for confidence in line over accuracy. The second draw through may not be close to the first line but it will still look better, due to the confidence in it.

You will maybe agree, since your ellipses in the planes look much more confident and smooth. Keep on doing what you did there.

Another thing I noticed in the Table of Ellipses that you seemingly actively tried to stay away from the boundaries given. This would be wrong, because the essence of this assignment is to touch those boundaries.

Boxes This assignment is mostly there to introduce you a bit to perspective and the following 250 Box Challenge. The most important part are still the lines, though and overall I think you did well. In the Organic Perspective exercise I can see you drawing over the lines several times. I know Boxes can be frustrating, especially starting out, but please do not do that. It won't help in finding the 'actual' mark and will only worsen what you had already done. Place one confident line and stick to it throughout the box.

I'm guessing you became frustrated with the boxes not turning out like you want them to, but don't worry about it too much. This is just the first Lesson and you will have much chance to work on them during the 250 Box Challenge.

Before you continue I would like to ask from you to do another Page of the Table of Ellipses to really get down that confidence. Remember, confidence over accuracy. Try to reach the boundaries of the boxes, not shying away from it. Even if we try to avoid it, it's okay if there's some going over the bounds, we're learning after all! And we won't learn if we don't have the courage to get to those boundaries.

In addition, I noticed you haven't submitted the Rotated Boxes sheet. I don't know whether you simply forgot and wanted to avoid boxes after being frustrated with them but I can't mark this lesson as complete without it. As I said, nobody expects you to do it 'right' and you're bound to make mistakes. But this is all part of learning so don't be afraid of making those mistakes.

In general I think you're on a good path. There's not much holding you back from going to the next assignment. Don't forget to answer to this with the requested revisions so I can look over them and send you off!

Next Steps:

1 Page of Tables of Ellipses (get those confident lines!)

1 Page of Rotated Boxes

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
2:25 PM, Saturday October 8th 2022

Thank you so much for taking the time to review my work and I appreciate all of your feedback. I will be submitting the work you asked for as soon as I can! :)

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