250 Box Challenge

9:47 PM, Friday May 7th 2021

Drawabox 250 Boxes - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/0TCt9G7

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Here is my submission for the challenge. I was having a lot of trouble drawing confident lines during lesson 1, but I feel like I improved a bit in that regard by the end of this challenge. Still, I feel like my lines were still pretty wobbly.

If anyone could give my any advice or critique, or could tell me whether I'm ready to move on to lesson 2, that would be very much appreciated!

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8:11 PM, Thursday August 12th 2021

Hello! Thank you for marking my Lesson 2. I seen that your 250 box challenge hasn't been marked yet so I thought I would mark that first since I have a bit more experience with it. I also seen that you are looking to get official critique but thought whatever I write here might help you somewhat and also let me repay the favour. sorry for not doing it sooner I have been really busy the past few weeks and didnt get a chance to check drawabox once I submitted my lesson 2.

I can see that your lines are quite confident as you've progressed through the exercise however it seems as though when you are trying to add some extra line weight they get a bit wobbly. Rememeber that every mark should be made using the ghosting method even when superimposing over exiting lines. its fine if the line doesnt match the one you are superimposing accurately, as long as the line doesnt have wobble and is confident. This advice also applies to the cross shading you are doing on the faces on the boses, remember to use the ghosting method for these lines too.

Your boxes are all converging pretty well although sometimes you're inner corner is off which is a common problem people have with this exercise. I think that you have less of an issue then I did though. this happens becuase this last corner is affected by the accumulation of all the mistakes made in the previous lines. One way of improving on this though is to change the order you draw the lines in.here is a guide taken from discord (and elodins critique guide) and heres why this method works

I can see that you have a decent amount of variety in your boxes sizes and lengths so thats good however alot of of them seem to be from the same oreintation. Use this reference image. I've taken from the discord (and elodins critique guide) to show you some other orientations you can be doing

Congratulations on completing the 250 box challenge, its no easy task and you have blasted through it. hopefully the advice I've given you is useful and good luck on completing the rest of the lessons and challenges.

If you are ever struggling to get reviews, remember to checkout the discord server, theres a pretty active community on there and you can usually get someone to give you a review if you have done a few yourself.

Next Steps:

I would say move on to lesson 2 but you already have. Instead I will just recommend you should do some more critiques for Lesson 1 and the 250 box challenge. They really do help improve your own skills

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7:17 AM, Wednesday September 15th 2021

I agree with Loople, and I have to add that I can see your boxes improving with time, which is awesome!

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