Hello KEVSUNIVERSE, firstly congratulation on finishing your Lesson one.

As for your question regarding using the back and front, I think for me it is fine if you do that so do not worry about it.

Now lets have a look at your attempt.


Your superimposed lines are drawn with confidence and there is little to no fraying at the beginning so that is a good point, further do not worry about the fraying at end, it will get better with time if you do regular deliberate practice.

Your ghosted lines are drawn with confidence as well, and as for overshooting and undershooting, do not worry that either for now as accuracy will improve over time as well.

Your ghosted planes are confident, you marked the points for ghosting as well which is a good thing as some students miss to do that.

But we can see an arch going in your straight lines, that can be due to some reasons, mainly being not taking proper time to execute or in short rushing it or there being an innate arch in your muscle memory. The former can be tackled by taking measures such as slowing it down a little bit and drawing at optimum speed and with proper planning, while the innate arch can be dealt by consciously making an effort to draw the line with negative arch of similar degree, Uncomfortable explains this better in his video and blog so if you still need a better explanation, do refer to that article.


In your table of ellipses, majority of your ellipses are drawn confidently, drawn through atleast twice and are mostly bound within the area, that is they are touching the adjacent borders or ellipses. Which in my opinion is really good attempt. But we can see in certain ellipses that you have drawn through more than the recommended range so I should mention that you should not over do the going through practice, drawing over should be limited to two or three time at maximum, so in future do limit your going over.

Your funnels exercise is done with good confident strokes as well, but we can see some ellipses not being bisected equally by the minor axis(the middle line), though do not worry as at the moment we should focus on confident strokes more than the accuracy, and with time and deliberate practice that will improve a lot.

Same thing as mentioned above for ellipses in planes as well regarding going over and accuracy, a good attempt with most ellipses having confident lines and again do not worry about accuracy to touch boxes and all, they will improve over time.


The boxes are difficult at first, so again kudos for attending them nonetheless.

Your plotted perspective is done nicely.

In your rough perspective, you have taken good care to keep the width parallel to the horizon and the height perpendicular, though while executing the lines we can see little bit of shaking here and there, which can be result of hesitation or not proper planning and ghosting, so do look into that a little bit while attempting future warmups and lessons but apart from that, it was a good attempt. Accuracy and others will improve over time.

Your rotated boxes, you did a good job drawing through your boxes but we can see that the gaps in between the boxes are getting more inconsistent as we move away from centre especially for boxes which are on the upper extreme diagonal ends, the rotations seems more like a guesswork here. While the rotations here aren't perfect still this was a good effort overall. The more you draw and develop your spatial thinking ability the easier these rotations are to handle. This is a great exercise to come back to after a few lessons or the boxes challenge to see how much your spatial thinking ability has improved.

Finally the organic perspective, besides the points mentioned earlier, it is a really good attempt, kudos. And I will just add this regarding lineweights "Lineweight should be added with confident ghosted lines, and solely to the part of lines to overlap, not to whole lines." for future reference. And do not worry about perspective and other fields for now as they will improve over time with deliberate practice.

So overall you attempt was good.