Hello there congrats on finishing lesson one


The superimposed lines look confident, Ghosted lines are nice and confident also really straight. The lines of the ghosted planes are also good.


Ellipses look nice and confident, Many do not seem drawn through though. You should draw through all ellipses a minimum and reccomended twice and a maximum thrice.


In the table of ellipses,I see some gaps between some of the ellispes, ellipses should be touching. They should also touch the table walls or bounds.


In the funnels the ellipses should touch the arcs of the funnels as you can see below



Plotted perspective looks good, Consider adding lineweight were boxes overlap


I think you can see it in the image below


In the rough perspective exercise the vertical lines of the boxes are perpendicular to the horizon and the horizontal lines of the boxes are parallel to the horizon. The initial faces should be orientated the following image.


Foe the rotated boxes, I will say scale it up, draw the boxes bigger.

The boxes are not rotating, they should look like the below image


Yours look more like the one below


I will say look at the lesson again to see how to achieve this rotation , revisit the lesson.


Organic perspective looks okay, consider adding lineweight where boxes overlap.

I will ask for revision

1 page rough perspective

1 page rotated boxes