I would recommend for future lessons to try and get better and closer pictures if possible, it's a bit difficult to appreciate, and because of that, hard to give an accurate critique :c


You did a decent job with the superimposed lines, but I notice that on the rest of the exercises your lines are very wobbly... You need to apply the determination you had at the beginning! One single and confident stroke. It's okay if it doesn't always end where you want it to be, as long as it's steady.


Remember that you have to go through the ellipse at least twice! I think you did on some and not in others! Also, in your table some ellipses were too far apart, they need to touch.

I would suggest you do one more page of Ellipses on planes, trying to make the planes less shaky.

  • Plot before you do the stroke.

  • Use dots to plan where do you want things to go.

  • Make use of the ghosting technique.

  • Take your time! Do NOT try to guess.

Rough Perspective

Due to the quality of the picture is hard to appreciate the main goal of this objective which is the vanishing point, but I think it was a solid attempt, specially the third one of the first page.

Again, it's important that you work the confidence of your lines.

Rotated Boxes

I believe you did a really good job here!! I feel like the rotation is pretty good. Some got a bit wonky, but overall well done.

Good job getting through lesson 1! I think the main thing to improve here are your strokes! So just keep practicing, one confident movement