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7:23 PM, Tuesday November 8th 2022

First of all, thank you so much Tjudy, this is a lot of effort to help a stranger on the internet, really appreciate it.

A few questions though:

what are distinct shadows ?

what are drop shadows ?

What is deep contour ?

and do you mind if i see some of your texture work?

Thank you

5:33 PM, Sunday November 13th 2022

Here is what I understand those terms to mean... but I may not understand them as well as I should.

distinct shadow... I think this what you get when a cast shadow closely resembles the object that the shadow is being cast from. For example, stand in direct sunlight and your cast shadow would be distinct. An example of a cast shadow that is not as distinct could be the shadow cast by a forest. The shape of the shadow does not match any one tree, so it is not distinct.

A drop shadow is a graphic design tool to create a 3D effect. The shadow is drawn slighly off set behind the object (or letters) to 'lift' the object off the page.

A deep contour is when the elevation of one section of the subject/object is different than an adjacent part of the object, and the linear distance on the object between those sections is relatively short. An example could be a very choppy surface of a body of water. The result in drawing should be darker shadows between those parts of the drawing. The deeper the contour, the harder it is for light to penetrate.

Here is a link to my Lesson 2 HW exercises 1-4:

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